The Lavelle Marine Science Lab on Omelek Island , Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands Group in the Pacific Ocean .


Hundreds of feet below the Marine Lab....Hanger One of Star Key Base....a Goliath Launch Transporter stands alone on the Launch Runway to the Ocean .

The SEASTAR 5 which it normally carries is out on its first patrol in Sector 4 Pacific Ocean............


Miles Rogers , Star Key Base Control Room Commander is on day duty . The large view screen in front of him switches to live mode as a transmission from MIDAS Hawaii arrives .

" Go a head MIDAS , Star Key Base receiving your transmission " .


" Good afternoon Commander . We have a Mayday signal for you . Research Science Sub ' Ocean Quest ' requesting immediate help . It looks like SEA ANGEL INCIDENT . Details are being sent across to you now " .


Miles Rogers answers ," Roger , MIDAS Control , we will take care of the incident ".

He turns to his right to see Admiral Henry .

" Admiral , I didn't know you were on duty Sir".

" Thats no problem Commander , I see you have a SEA ANGEL INCIDENT on the table " , replied Admiral Henry .

FRAME 6 /  

Admiral Henry turns to the large map table . The Commander briefs the Admiral on the situation .

" Admiral , an incident has happened near the Island of Lemoya about thirty minutes ago , involves a Science Sub , the Ocean Quest out of Hawaii .

Stacie Lavelle is on board as Science Officer .

Our nearest vessel to the area is the SEASTAR 5 ".


" Very well Commander , relay the information to Captain Adams , Mission is Priority One .

I'm going to my office , ask Pierre Lavelle to meet me there ASAP " , the Admiral turns away having told the base Commander his orders .


Fifty miles north of Omelek Island at a depth of two hundred feet , the super submarine SEASTAR 5 is on her first patrol mission on the deep frontier in Sector 4 of the Pacific Ocean .



At the communications centre on the bridge of the SEASTAR 5 , Lt. Sonia Ling receives a message by the underwater blue horizon flash traffic system .


She immediately alerts the XO on the bridge .


 " XO we have a Priority One Message from Star Key Base , SEA ANGEL INCIDENT our sector....sending you the data " .



The XO of the SEASTAR 5 , Tia Anderson reads the message on her PhoneCom and alerts the Captain .........


FRAME 10 /

Captain Matthew Adams is in the Engineering Section with his Science Engineer Officer Jason McCall when their conversation is interrupted by the alert message from the bridge .


" Okay Tia , I'm coming to the bridge place us on an intercept course for the incident and the sub on yellow alert all stations " orders Captain Adams .


He turns to Jason " Looks like we have some trouble to sort out , prepare the systems for supercavitation mode and come up to the bridge " , says the Captain .


FRAME 11 /               

The Captain arrives on the bridge and settles down into his chair .


The XO briefs him on the incident including the fact that Stacie Lavelle is on the Ocean Quest . Pierre Lavelle's daughter .


 " Get me patched through to the Admiral right away " says Captain Adams .


FRAME 12 /

"Admiral , Captain Adams SEASTAR 5 we are proceeding on an intercept course to the incident Sir , how do you wish me to play this as Pierre Lavelle's daughter is on board the Science sub off Lemoya Island ".


" Captain , this may not be an easy mission for you , first time out and all , but I want Stacie Lavelle back here , Pierre Lavelle is our top scientist on our team here and his daughter is also a marine scientist we need as well .


Do what it takes Matt to resolve this incident , I have confidence in you my boy . Get the job done ". replied Admiral Henry as he signs off the call .


Captain Adams switches off his PhoneCom and says to himself .


" Looks like I really pulled the short straw on this one " .

FRAME 13 /


The Admiral having spoken to his SEASTAR 5 Captain contacts his Base Commander .


" Commander arrange satellite support on the area around Lemoya and get some MIDAS air support on standby from Guam we might need it " says the Admiral .




Jason McCall arrives on the bridge .


" Jason we have been ordered by Star key base to a SEA ANGEL INCIDENT near the Island of Lemoya " , says Captain Adams .


" I have just seen the details Captain , full power is ready all systems engaged " , replies Jason .


The Captain picks up his PhoneCom unit .


" Lets get the job done " .

FRAME 15 /


The Captain speaks into his Phonecom to the crew .

" This is the Captain , we have been ordered to answer a Mayday call from a Science sub with Stacie Lavelle on board...I'm giving the order to go supersonic , Sea Angel Incident , Priority One . All stations be alert .

He then switches over to another channel .

" Sonar , what have you got for me " , says the Captain .


FRAME 16 /


Lt. Scarlet May is at her Sonar station .

" Captain , the Ocean Quest is moving  north west at thirty knots and picking up speed away from Lemoya Island . I'm boosting our scan range to follow her on our contact except the transponder signal Sir " .


FRAME 17 /


 " Roger Sonar . Captain to Engineering , go for power up , all systems ".


The XO stands along side her Captain and calls out the readings on her PhoneCom .

" Seastar 5 increasing speed , rate two , rate three , rate four ....aquajets on line entering supercavitation mode....all systems go.....speed one hundred ....increasing to 150 full stabilisation....ballast at 1000 ....twenty degrees down at the bow ....heading deep and leveling off Captain " .


" Thanks Tia , keep an eye on the science subs position , let me know if she changes course " replies the Captain .


FRAME 18 /

The super submarine , now in supersonic supercavitation mode moves north west across the Pacific Ocean in pursuit of the MIDAS Science submarine .


FRAME 19 /

Jason McCall approaches the Captain .

" I have been looking at the data Captain . The Science sub seems to be moving toward Mona Tai Island . But no sound of any other craft , its very strange Captain its like the other craft is invisible near the Ocean Quest .


 " The extinct volcano based island , is uninhabited , not much to go on since the last survey of the area fifteen years ago " Jason tells the Captain .

" Why go to that island , unless the crew  have no choice but to go there , it looks like we have got trouble " replies the Captain .

FRAME 20 /

  Meanwhile back at Star Key Base , Pierre Lavelle meets with Admiral Henry at his Office .


" Thanks for coming over Pierre , I wish to talk with you about a Sea Angel Incident we are involved with from this morning .

A MIDAS Science Sub with your daughter on board declared a Mayday Alert . We don't know much at the present time , but I wished to bring you in on whats happening from our side " .


FRAME 21 / 

" At the moment I have the Seastar 5 with Captain Adams in pursuit of the Ocean Quest , she is heading close to Mona Tai Island , he has my orders to do what he can to assist the situation " .


Pierre Lavelle replies to the Admiral . " You said it was a Sea Angel Incident J P , what are her chances . She's my only child . Since her mother died we have been close , I don't want to ...." .

He stops short in speaking to the Admiral . His emotions are starting to effect him on what he has just been told .


FRAME 22 /


" The information we have from the Ocean Quest indicates the sub transponder is still working normal so the subs intact and its moving after it was approached by an unidentified craft . The data we have shows a possible Sea Angel origin for the other craft .

The signal shows a steady movement north for the Ocean Quest .

Don't worry old friend , we will get her back , I promise you.

Captain Adams has my confidence Pierre , if anybody can bring her back , he will " , says the Admiral .

FRAME 23 /

SEASTAR 5 comes out of supersonic mode as she arrives at the edge of the reef around the Island of Mona Tai .

FRAME 24 /

Captain Adams is in his chair on the bridge of the Seastar 5 .

" Sonar what have you got for me on the Ocean Quest's position " .

FRAME 25 /

" I have tracked the Ocean Quest all the way up to the shore of the island where the signal went weaker at a depth of three hundred feet from the ocean surface , but the signal from the transponder is now showing a position near the centre of the island around two hundred feet below the volcano Sir " , replied the Sonar Officer .

FRAME 26 /


The Captain turns to Jason McCall . " If the signal is showing under the volcano , then the Ocean Quest must have been taken to some kind of base under the island . I'm going over there to take a look ".


Jason looks straight at his Captain . " I know your background Matt . You lead from the front , but the Captain leaving the sub at this time and situation , I don't know whether the Admiral would be okay with this " .


" Don't worry , its my call Jason , I'm going , secure all systems and surface SEASTAR 5 ".

FRAME 27 /

The huge submarine surfaces close to the Island of Mona Tai .

Its early morning the following day , nineteen hours after the Mayday call was received at MIDAS Hawaii .

FRAME 28 /

Captain Adams turns to his XO Tia Anderson .

" Tia , prepare the RSV for launch , I'm going to lead the shore party recon .  I'll take the SeaFly over the island , better prepare the Sea Trak Sub Terra , we may need it to get the Ocean Quest crew off the island quickly if I find them . You have command " .

FRAME 29 /

Captain Adams make his way down to level three on the SEASTAR 5 and boards the RSV in its airlock hanger .

FRAME 30 /

Captain Adams enters the control cabin of the RSV and takes his seat . The crew of the vehicle are aboard and prepare to launch .


" Welcome aboard my office Captain " , says Grant Tyree the pilot of the RSV .


His Co-Pilot Myla Malone contacts the bridge .

" Captain on board , RSV is go for launch , flooding hanger , umbilical detached , cradle in drive , pressure levels go " .

FRAME 31 /

             Slowly the RSV on its cradle is lowered into the water of the hanger , pressure build up is go .

FRAME 32 /

Grant Tyree contacts the bridge , " RSV submerged , open hanger doors and lower ramp ....aqua engines start up is go .....we are on our way " .

FRAME 33 /

         The RSV makes its way over the floor of the ocean and then starts to rise up toward the surface........

FRAME 34 /

    The RSV extends its vents and deploys it stabilisers as it breaks the surface of the ocean close to the beach .

FRAME 35 /

                                     Captain Adams comes forward to watch the approach to the beach .


Grant Tyree speaks to his Captain " I'll make a landing near the tree line , the Sea Fly is ready for you Sir " .


The Captain replies

" Thanks Grant , when I take off relay all transmissions to the Seastar 5 , be prepared to take over the Sea Fly on remote in case of trouble , thats an order " .

FRAME 36 /

The RSV comes through the surf and up the beach . Its roof doors are opened as the SeaFly prepares to take off .

FRAME 37 /


The launch cradle with Captain Adams on the Sea Fly Jet Bike rises up from the rear floor of the RSV .


 " Captain Adams on Sea Fly 1 lifting off now from RSV heading for Island Recon " .



Captain Adams flies low over the island as he approaches the volcano .

 " Adams to SEASTAR 5 over the island flight going well nothing to report so far " .

FRAME 39 /


Over the volcano crator of Mona Tai .

" Adams to SEASTAR 5 .  Nothing here except a volcano " .

FRAME 40 /


He hovers the Sea Fly over the crators edge and circles around......

FRAME 41 /


Moving over the forest he sees a figure waving ....moving closer to the ground he sees it is the Princess Marra and brings the Jet Bike into land .

FRAME 42 / 

                         " Marra , what are you doing here , your a long way from home " said the Captain .

FRAME 43 /


 The two humans , from different worlds face each other again .


Marra speaks first . " This Island is close to our southern frontier of Tyrannia , we keep a close eye on what the Imperial forces of Lemuria are doing in these waters . I was informed by our scouts that human prisoners had been taken . I listened to your transmissions , so I knew you were coming in your sub craft , thought you may need my help I am here my Captain ".


" Thank you my Princess , your right  I could do with your help on this mission .

I think my people are being held underneath the volcano , is there a base under the ground of the volcano " , asks the Captain .

FRAME 44 /


The two of them return to the Jet Bike .


 " Its not a base Matthew , its the Cavern of Mona Tai and covers a large area .

" Your people will be prisoners of the Imperial Lord Maggar , he rules this land around here from his Castle Keep below the volcano .

I will show you a way into this land . We must enter in the volcano crator " .


" Thank you my Lady ,  we can use my Jet Bike , its a lot quicker than walking up the slopes of the volcano . Climb aboard " , he tells the Princess as he starts up the engine as the two of them prepare to take off from the forest .

FRAME 45 /


The Jet Bike takes off  and heads up over the volcano....and down into the crator .        

 " Adams to SEASTAR 5 heading down to recon the volcano crator . Adams out ".

FRAME 46 /


Captain Adams switches off his microphone and turning to the Princess .

 " I did'nt think I would see you again my Princess " said the Captain .

 " I did not think this time would happen as well " Marra replied .

FRAME 47 /


The SeaFly descends in the crator and lands on a ledge along side the small lake at the bottom .

" Over there Matthew in the wall of the crator an opening to the Cavern , we should go there " said the Princess pointing the way .

FRAME 48 /


Captain Adams moves the SeaFly to the hole in the cavern wall .

" That hole is small , its not big enough to get the bike through we will have to go on foot " , he tells the Princess .

He switches on the SeaFly Jet Bikes RadioCom to transmit .


" Adams to SEASTAR 5 have landed on crator bottom , sending SeaFly back on remote , withdraw the RSV . I'm going into a cavern below the volcano , I believe the crew of the Ocean Quest are down here , I have found a companion here on the island who is showing me the way .

Track me on my suit com tracker .

Prepare the SeaTrak for Grant Tyree to move it forward to the island when he gets the RSV back on board and await my signal for pick up . Adams out ".


"Okay Princess lets go find a Castle" says Captain Adams with a smile on his face looking at Marra .

FRAME 49 /


Captain Adams steps forward through the hole in the wall of the volcano and out on to a ledge .


" Wow I could not have imagined this " he says . Before him is the Cavern of Mona Tai Island .

FRAME 50 /


The Princess follows him through the whole on to the ledge .

 " Welcome Matthew to the Underworld of Legend " .


He turns toward her " The forest , its plants they grow down here , the light it comes from the top of the cavern roof ".


The Princess explains ," Yes , the light in this cavern comes from a power station in the north which shines its beams to the roof of the cavern . The light it makes is reflected from the diamond stones in the cavern roof , thats where it comes from , many of the cavern worlds are like this ".


The Captain replies " You do have some interesting equipment down here Marra " .

FRAME 51 /

The Captain looks up at the nearest tree as something moves . A large flying creature looks down on them  .


" What is that thing moving up there " , says Captain Adams pointing in the direction of the creature .

FRAME 52 /


The creature unfolds its wings and begins to fly toward them .

FRAME 53 /

The Princess quickly swings her pulse rifle up from underneath her cloak .....a flash of light streaks out toward the creature....and it falls from the tree .

FRAME 54 /


Marra lowers her rifle .

 " Good shooting my Princess , I'm glad I have you around " says the Captain .


" There are many creatures like this one in these forest caverns , but they are no match for our weapons , have no fear Matthew , I will protect you " confirms the Princess .

FRAME 55 /


The two of them begin a walk down a forest trail .


" This castle where we are going belongs to the Imperial Empire of Lemuria " asks the Captain .


" Yes , the Lord Maggar is a Dragon Lord of the Grand Council , he is a Reptilian being of the evil one Grand Lord Scar Ma's Commanders , not one to be trusted my Captain " .

FRAME 56 /


They continue walking through the forest as they talk and climb over some rocks to face the Castle Keep of Lord Maggar .

" We can gain an entrance to the castle at the base of the cliff it is the easiest way in . Come we should climb to the entrance ",  said Marra .

FRAME 57 /

      The two of them move up through the forest and slope of rock to the lower entrance to the Castle Keep .

FRAME 58 /


 At the lower entrance Captain Adams draws his side arm .


" No Guards , its not what I expected Princess " said the Captain .


" They rarely guard these entrances , Dragon Lords think they are invincible , thats what they believe . Anyone stealing from them receives punishment of death for trespass of a castle in their domain " says Marra as she points the way to the dungeons .


" Nice to know whats in store if we are captured " , says Captain Adams as he follows the Princess down the steps to the dungeon .

FRAME 59 /


 The Dungeons of Castle Keep of Lord Maggar .

The crew of the Ocean quest are held prisoner behind bars and guarded by a single Lemurian Guard Centurion .

FRAME 60 /


 A laser pulse energy beam hits the lemurian Guard Centurion and he falls to the ground .

FRAME 61 /


 Captain Adams moves forward to the jail door and faces the crew of the Ocean Quest .


" I'm Captain Matthew Adams of the submarine SEASTAR 5 , stand back from the door we are here to rescue you ".


FRAME 62 /


 " Marra , take out the lock !! " orders the Captain .


 The Princess aims her pulse rifle at the door lock mechanism , a beam fires through the lock....

FRAME 63 /


The door swings open , the prisoners are freed .


 Stacie Lavelle turns to the Captain , " Who sent you Captain " .


" I'm from Omelek Island , Admiral Henry sent me to get you out of here " , the Captain replied .


" Who is your girl companion Captain , I don't recognize the uniform as one of ours " says Stacie Lavelle .


" You won't , she's a Tyrannian Princess working for me , don't worry we'll get you to safety " , replied the Captain .

FRAME 64 /

They reach the entrance . Cain helps Stacie Lavelle through the doorway as the Princess looks on .

Captain Adams gives an order , " We have to leave quickly , head down the trail to the forest , I hear foot steps approaching " .

FRAME 65 /

A Lemurian Imperial Centurion arrives at the entrance and calls for the humans to stop....he raises his pulse rifle ....."Halt Humans , Humans Escape "...the sound of an automatic gun can be heard ........

FRAME 66 /

The voice of the Lemurian falls silent as he lays down on the ground .

Captain Adams stands feet away holding his automatic pistol in his hand .

Turning to the Princess " We should move quickly their will be more coming " .

FRAME 67 /


Within minutes another lemurian stands at the Castle entrance . It is Lord Maggar .

" The prisoners have escaped , someone has helped them and they will pay for this outrage , call out the Guard , assemble the Air Wings for launch " .

FRAME 68 /


On the forest trail Marra leads the party through the landscape .


Stacie Lavelle turns to the Captain walking by her side .

" How do you intend to get us away safely from this prehistoric world . Have you any transport near by " .

FRAME 69 /


"No transport just at the moment we are on our own , we need to get as far as we can from the castle.....wait whats that sound...Marra its getting louder ...

FRAME 70 /


" The enemy are approaching from the air , Imperial Air Wings . We should take cover " , shouts Marra .


 Stacie Lavelle cries out , " All is lost we will be captured by those monsters again.....we need a miracle " .


 They turn to Captain Adams who switches on is suit microphone .


 " Thats just what we might get Miss Lavelle .


  " Adams to SEASTAR 5 its showtime , we need the SEATRAK now , bring it on !! "

FRAME 71 /