FRAME 2 / 2

At the end of our first episode Matthew Adams lies motionless on the beach having been stunned by some kind of electrical weapon. His attacker stands over him and begins to prod his back with the weapon .


                                                                 Episode Two now continues.....................

FRAME 2 / 3

The mystery figure continues to stand over him . Slowly the figure prods his back again with the long pointed weapon . No movement or response .

FRAME 2 / 4

Suddenly Matthew Adams turns and spins his body round and kicks his attacker on the legs catching the masked cloaked figure off guard .


FRAME 2 / 5

He knocks the weapon down and to the side . Using his legs he catches his attacker in a grip forcing the mystery figure backwards and down on to the sand .

FRAME 2 / 6

The cloaked figure lies still on the sand .

Matthew Adams " What have we here , a skull mask " , as he gently bends down over the figure .

FRAME 2 / 7

He reaches forward with his hand to touch the mask . " Just lets see who you are beneath this mask " he says .

FRAME 2 / 8

               He removes the mask and is surprised to see a blonde haired girl looking straight back at him .


                                                       Matthew Adams  / " What in heaven "


                                      Marra  / " Let go of me you oaf " the girl shouts at him .


                               Matthew Adams  /  "Wait a minute , I'm not going to harm you .    

                                        Who are you and did you wreck my boat last night "

FRAME 2 / 9

                                          Matthew Adams continues holding the girl down on the sand .


                                        Marra / "Let go of me human monster , I order you to release me "

FRAME 2 / 10

Before he can react he feels a tap on his shoulder , and he turns his head to see a sharp blade inches from him .


                                           Matthew Adams / " Looks like your not on your own "


Marra / " You should choose your next words carefully human , they may be your last " said the mystery girl .

FRAME 2 / 11

                   Matthew Adams turns around to see a small figure holding a spear pointed at his head .


                                              Matthew Adams / "  What the devil are you "

FRAME 2 / 12

                                                               Marra / " He is my MOKA "


                                       Matthew Adams  / " Your what , I must be dreaming "


                                                         Marra / " My Moka and Guardian "

FRAME 2 / 13

                               Moka / " Remove your shoulder weapon I would advise you surface man".


                               Matthew Adams removes the knife in its holder and turns towards the girl.....


                                                                Mathew Adams  / " Then you are ".

FRAME 2 / 14

                                Marra  / " I am the Princess Marra of the undersea Empire of Tyrannia "


                    Matthew Adams / " A real live Princess from under the sea , I don't buy that one sister "

FRAME 2 / 15

        Matthew Adams allows the Princess to stand up while he sits on the side of her blue underwater craft .


           Marra / " I'm not your sister , and how dare you compare me with Mermaids and the Mer People . 

                                "  Tyrannians are human just like you , but we live in the Oceans . "

                                 " Moka my Guardian is a Sea Sprite , a Grand Wizard of Lemuria "


               Matthew Adams /  " I must have had a worse bang on the head then I first thought "

FRAME 2 / 16


                                                Moka / " Can I kill him this human your Highness "

        Marra / " That is not allowed my Moka , you know our laws of no interference with surface humans . "

                        " This one seems harmless and is different to what I thought they would be like ."

                                                                " I give permission he can live "


                        Matthew Adams / " Thank you your Highness , for giving me permission to exist .

                                                       "  But I'm still not buying this fantasy stuff ."

                              You can't  be for real and people don't live under the sea in Empires ."                      

                                              " So what is your real story , are you from outer space ."

                                     " Mars perhaps . Moka would make a great  little green Martian I think "


FRAME 2 / 17


Marra / " We are not from outer space "

" It is the truth we come from under the sea and you are one of the few surface people to meet members from our Kingdom ".


Matthew Adams " Okay I'll go along with what you say , that still leaves me with a boat and great big whole in the side . Why were you going so fast in your craft surely you have some kind of radar to detect other craft near to you " .


Marra / " We were heading back to Tyrrania and were attacked by an Imperial Battle Cruiser . Our Vimana was damaged . Our forward sensors are not working , what is radar " .


Matthew Adams / "  Its a scanning system we use to detect other craft I suppose its like your sensors ".

FRAME 2 / 18

                       Marra / " Moka will carry out repairs to our craft and we will then be on our way".


                                Matthew Adams / " How does he make repairs without equipment "


                Marra / " He is a wizard and his powers are immense , nothing is beyond his knowledge" .

FRAME 2 / 19


        Moka begins his magic on the side of the Blue Vimanna , blending the damaged hull sections together .

FRAME 2 / 20


                Matthew Adams / " We have not been formally introduced , my name is Matthew Adams " .


                                   He looks at the Princess and offers his hand towards her .


                        " Let go for a walk on the beach and you can tell me more about yourself  ".


                                                                The Princess takes his hand .


FRAME 2 / 21


     Marra / " Very well Matthew Adams lead the way , I would like to know more about your world as well " .

FRAME 2 / 22

                                    Matthew Adams / " I've not held the hand of a Princess before " .


                                   Marra / " I have not held the hand of a surface human before either "

                                              " Is this a custom of your people when they talk ".


                    Matthew Adams / " Sometimes when we meet your Highness , its kind of being friendly "

           " I wanted to hold your hand , see if you were really real and that I was not imagining all of this "


                                                      Marra / " I am real Matthew in every way "

FRAME 2 / 23


                 The two of them walk along the side of the lagoon toward the beach and continue talking.......


Matthew Adams / " People living under the sea and all that , why don't we know about you or see you ".


Marra  / " We keep ourselves hidden and live a separate existance from you , its been that way as long as I can remember .

"No mixing with the surface people , it was forbidden in our laws handed down at the begining of time by the Ancients , the Council of Nine "

" We know a lot about your world , ships sink , we recover the equipment and your books , learn how you live ".


             Matthew Adams / " You also speak very good English , you have mastered our language well ".

FRAME 2 / 24

                           Matthew Adams / " Where do you live Marra , a domed city under the sea ".


Marra  /  " No , the city I come from is Pathos it is mostly within the cavern worlds of what you call the coast of Canada . Many ways down and with sea entrances to the great ocean" .

"We are human like you but we can breathe underwater as our ancestors went into the sea while yours stayed on land ".

                  " You are very different Matthew from what I thought a surface human would be like ".

FRAME 2 / 25


             Matthew Adams / " So I guess meeting me must be quite something , could I see your world " .


Marra / " That will not be allowed , we cannot take surface humans there , the High Council would not allow it".


A signal on the hand scanner the Princess carries on her waist belt sounds an alarm signal . Danger is coming.....


Marra / " A Lemurian Battle Cruiser off the coast , my enemies have found me . Great danger Matthew if you are with me when they come to kill me ".


            Matthew Adams / " There will not be any harm to you my Princess , while I am around " .

FRAME 2 / 26


          Matthew Adams / " Come Marra , I want to see this Lemurian Cruiser , lets head down the beach " .



FRAME 2 / 28


Matthew Adams / "Over there Marra , by the shore a black slug like thing with two big fins . Is that the enemy who is after you ".


                              Marra / " Yes Matthew , that is a Black Vimana of the Imperial Fleet ".

FRAME 2 /29


The Black Vimana a Lemurian Battle Cruiser slowly comes to the beach.....a hatch way on top of the craft opens .

FRAME 2 / 30


                     Matthew Adams and the Princess take cover behind some rocks close to the beach.


                          Matthew Adams / " How many crew do they normally carry on a mission " .


                 Marra / " They have one Commander and four guards . But they have Centaurs as well ".


                                     Matthew Adams / " What is a Centaur " he asks the Princess .


FRAME 2 / 31


Marra / " You will know them as your people call them Robots , mechanical robotoids , they are destroyers of life and come for me".


      Matthew Adams / " Don't worry Princess , I'm here and no mechanical mech is going to harm you ".

FRAME 2 / 32


Matthew Adams / " Come Marra , lets get you to higher ground they will be coming a shore soon and we need to find somewhere which is good for a fight ".

FRAME 2 / 34


            Matthew Adams / " This way to higher ground , the pathway leads up there to that rocky cliff " .

FRAME 2 / 35


On the beach a Lemurian Commander comes a shore . He sends a signal to his craft . A Centaur Robotoid Destroyer is ordered to the beach.

FRAME 2 / 36


The Centaur arrives on the beach . A mechanical humanoid with one purpose , to destroy anything he is ordered to find .

FRAME 2 / 37


         The Lemurian Commander orders the Centaur into the forrest to seek out the Princess and destroy her .

FRAME 2 / 38


                   The machine slowly moves forward....its sensors scanning the forrest for movement.........

FRAME 2 / 39


                            Matthew Adams and the Princess continue up the forrest trail to the cliff


FRAME 2 / 40


                          Marra / " How will you fight the Centaur Matthew " the Princess asks him .


Matthew Adams / " I wish I had brought my knife but left it at your craft . I guess its down to using my hands ".

                                                 " Come let me help you over these rocks ".


                                         He picks Marra up and lifting her over the sharp terrain .

FRAME 2 / 41


                                          Marra / " This is knew for me , picked up by a human ".


Matthew Adams / " I'm lucky I guess , not having handled Royalty before.....but you don't weigh much so no problem your highness ".

FRAME 2 / 42


Marra  / " When you fight the Centaur you will need will need something to beat its strength ".

FRAME 2 / 43


                                             Marra / " Hold out your arm this will help you "


             A red tube extends from out of the gauntlet on her arm and touches Matthew Adams upper arm .


                      Matthew Adams / " What does that do he asks . Some kind of Moka's magic ".


Marra / " It will not harm you . protect you it will . You see it glows red and your arm will feel a sensation .The ray will enhance your strength but it will not last long ".

FRAME 2 / 43


Matthew Adams / " Its not an injection , but I feel something....its spreading through me . Do I turn into a super hero your highness I have always wanted to do the flying around stuff and fight the bad guys from above ".


Marra / " You will find you have more strength ....but you won't be able to fly as it gives you no wings ".

FRAME 2 / 43B


Marra / " See Matthew , the transfer to you from the tube is almost finished.....the colour changes is done".

FRAME 2 / 44


                        Matthew Adams holds up his arm to see no marks from where the tube touched it .

Matthew Adams / " Incredible Marra no marks at all .....and I feel okay......what magic did you give me".


Marra / " The serum was developed by our Wizards to help us defend ourselves against the Centaurs , it only lasts a short time , but its enough to enable our warriors to defeat the machines in close hand combat " .

FRAME 2 / 48


    A little further down the track and they come to a rocky ravine . This is where they will fight the machine .


Matthew Adams / " This is where you will take cover Marra in the bushes over there and I will take care of tin man . How far away is he now " .

FRAME 2 / 49


                             Marra / " The scanner shows he comes.....he will be here very soon " .


Matthew Adams / " This is where my training comes in....quick take cover and don't worry I can do me ".


                                          The two of them hide in the bushes along side the trail.

FRAME 2 / 50


                                  The Centaur comes down the trail and halts at the edge to the ravine .


FRAME 2 / 51


 The machine begins to look around and survey the area around the ravine .

No sign of the Princess .

FRAME 2 / 52


  The machine sends a signal to the Lemurian Commander no sign of the Princess Marra .

  The search will continue to seek and destroy the Princess.

FRAME 2/ 53


The Centaur continues to search for movement in the forrest with its scanners .

Matthew Adams slowly comes out from the undergrowth behind the machine .

FRAME 2 / 54


The Centaur detects sounds of movement behind him and turns.......Matthew Adams on top of a rock makes his move on the machine .


        Matthew Adams leap forward and grabs the machine from behind as the Centaur reacts to the attack......


              The battle with the Centaur Robatoid begins.......


        ......will he defeat the machine and protect the Princess.....


      Episode Three on our web site now for the outcome of the battle .