Welcome to our series finale.....a story over two available to public view...








Sunrise over Omelek Island ....the Lavelle Marine Lab prepares for another day.....below the island in Star Key Base a new mission for the SEASTAR 5 is being planned.......




Central Control Centre - Star Key Base.....The Base Conference Room......



 " Good morning everyone.....Captain Adams has brought us news of a planned attack on Hawaii by the Imperial Guard of the Dragon Lords our enemy in the Abyss " said the Admiral .



" If they are successful we will not have control over a large area of the Pacific .


We have a plan to stop them . 


The mission I'm about to brief you on is the most difficult we have faced so far....we are going close to Talos their underground city .


I know we can be successful in stopping them " , said Admiral Henry .






" The SEASTAR 5 has been re-fitted and she is ready.....the target for you lies beneath the Island of Sumiya , a Black Vimana Sub Base is in a cavern near an underground Lava Lake , an assault team  will take it out .

Over to you Captain Adams  this is your show " , said the Admiral .



Captain Adams approaches the view screen .

" The SEASTAR 5 will reach the Island of Sumiya and I will lead a team down to the cavern where the Black Vimana Base is situated . We will place a number of high explosive charges near the barrier that separates the Lava lake from the sub base .

The explosion we hope will break the barrier and flood the base with lava and stop the preparations for the attack " , said Captain Adams .






Grant Tyree raises a question . 

" Captain , how do we know all about this planned attack " asks Grant Tyree .


" You might as well tell them Captain " says the Admiral .



" Very well Admiral . The intel on all this was given to me by the Princess Marra of Tyrannia , she saved my life after the sea battle which damaged the SEASTAR 5 .

The Princess will join us on the mission to show us the way through the underground tunnels beneath the base " replied Captain Adams .

" Its the first time that our people have worked together with the Tyraneans for a positive result against our common enemy " added Admiral Henry .






" Captain , you have given us a plan . I'm giving it a go....good luck on the mission , lets hope the Princess delivers from her side " says the Admiral .


" I think she will Admiral - we will get the job done Sir " , said Captain Adams .



FRAME 10 /

As the group moves to launch stations Captain Adams and the Admiral are left in the conference centre .


" Well Matthew your sub's rebuilt and you are back with us despite a situation that could have cost you your life . You were lucky Captain that an undersea Princess saved you " said the Admiral .


" One of those mysteries of life sir , you never know when you might need help , even from someone living under the sea " replied the Captain .


" This time Captain , the mission objective is to bring you , your crew and the sub home . I don't want you left in Davey Jones Locker thats an order " said the Admiral .


" I'll remember that Sir , trust me . I'm not thinking about not returning , at least not on this mission " replied Captain Adams as he turns to make his way to the SEASTAR 5 .






The Airlock is ready...the Goliath with the SEASTAR 5 moves forward all systems are go.....Captain Adams is on the bridge and the crew are at their stations......

FRAME 11 /

On the Bridge of the SEASTAR 5 .

Jason McCall briefs the Captain .

" All pre-flight checks ready Captain . Goliath systems operational and in drive mode....proceeding to Airlock One ".


" Thanks Jason carry on with launch " , replies the Captain picking up his talk com , " Captain to crew our mission is go....will brief you all enroute to Sumiya Island , Captain out " . 

FRAME 12 /






The Captain begins his checks with each crew station on the super sub as it moves forward into the Airlock One......

FRAME 13 /







The SEASTAR 5 enters the Airlock One. Operation Sea  Hammer begins.....

FRAME 14 /









" Maru , Helm Station ready Captain , all systems green .

Hermes 9000 on line and running power system checks.....temperatures are all good....." , replies Maru to his Captain .

FRAME 15 /


FRAME 16 /


" This is Mia Zensaki at Command Station.....Weapons secure and communications are all go Captain . Airlock One is sealed . Moving to Ocean Door Airlock  .

.........Airlock One is flooded . " 




" Helm Captain .

Ocean Door Airlock ready , pressure equalised ready on your command Sir " , said Maru .


" Go for airlock door Maru proceed to launch pad " , orders the Captain .

FRAME 17 /






The super submarine comes through the Airlock and prepares to leave the pad for its new mission....The Goliath Transporter begins to power down its systems......

FRAME 18 /






" Launch stations ....S5 moving away from platform heading for channel , speed level one , all systems are green "

reports Maru as he moves the submarine away from STAR KEY Base .

FRAME 19 /


FRAME 20 /





" Helm to Captain we are now at speed level two heading out from Eniwetak ocean a head....." , Maru continues to report to his Captain .




" Deep water a head ... increasing speed to sixty knots....stealth mode systems operation in five minutes ....we are turning heading Sumiya Island  , depth now five hundred and level " , Maru tells his Captain .


FRAME 21 /



Tia Anderson XO alerts the Captain that the crew is assembled for a Mission Briefing . 


" Very well Tia , lets tell the crew what we will be doing on this mission " 


" Jason you have the com " , says the Captain as he follows the XO to the conference room .

FRAME 22 /





SEASTAR 5 nears the island of Sumiya..little above sea level with a coral reef around one side and a deep trench on the other side. 

FRAME 23 /


The huge submarine is stationary over the seabed close to Sumiya Island . 


"Jason prepare SEATRAK for launch , assault team to board the machine . The com is yours , I'm gomig to join them now " , says the Captain .


"Good luck Matthew on your mission ' says Jason .

FRAME 24 /



RSV HANGER ....on board the seastar 5.....the huge vehicle prepares for launch.....Captain Adams comes aboard through the rear hatch.....the ocean doors swing goes to red.....

FRAME 25 /


The SEATRAK launches from the SEASTAR 5 ......

" Roger , SEASTAR 5 , we are moving into position all systems are good ....drilling co-ordinates received fifty feet from target position....SEATRAK over and standing by " said Grant Tyree as he brings the machine closer to the island rock face .






The SEATRAK is twenty feet from the rock face ....moving closer and the triple drills begin to power up...

FRAME 27 /





On board Myla Malone , second officer is in the power control room of the machine .


" Grant , you have full power on all drills - mayser cutters are go ....take her in " , says Myla .

FRAME 28 /




The Triple Drills begins to cut away the rock surface .....deeper and deeper the machine moves forward as the Meyser Heat Destructers begin their work and then turning upwards toward the cavern floor .....the rocks melting away as the machine moves on its journey toward its target.....

FRAME 29 /


FRAME 30 /


On the SEATRAK bridge Grant steers the machine into the cavern as he brings it slowly to a stop on a ridge of rock .





The machine powers down its systems and the assault team prepare to leave for their mission .

FRAME 31 /





" Myla your in charge . Send a message to the SEASTAR 5 that we have broken through to the cavern and the mission is on .

Okay Grant lets go join the team " , says the Captain .

FRAME 32 /


FRAME 33 /


Moving out of the SEATRAK , a long lost landscape of the ruins of an ancient city lay before them . It stretches as far as the eye can see....this is the entrance to the city of Talos .




" How far away from the meet up co-ordinates Grant , any sign of movement " ' asks the Captain .


" About a hundred feet away Captain , straight  in front of you Sir " , replies Grant .

FRAME 34 /




Maru checks his heat sensor scanner....

" I have movement Captain....same direction and distance " , says Maru .


"Right lets move out in that direction , keep your weapons at the ready , we are in enemy country now ...stay alert ", says the Captain .

FRAME 35 /


The end of Episode Eleven.....the story now continues with Episode Twelve.......











The adventure in Lemuria continues.......



" Captain , the Princess and her sister approach is this the help we are getting , two more for the team " , asks Grant .


" Don't under estimate these girls Grant , they pack a powerful punch , two is enough to complete our team " replies the Captain .




" Hello Princess , I have brought my team " says the Captain .


"Its good to see you again Matthew Adams , my Sister Selina will be with us on this venture to the sub base of the Dragon Lords " replies the Princess Marra .


" Good to see you again Selina " says the Captain .


" You have recovered well Captain " replies Selina .


" Yes I have with both your help .

On this mission I will have three crew members from my side , you have met  Grant Tyree already.....Maru is my explosives expert and Karla is a weapons master " says the Captain .




The Princess points to the whole in the ground only feet away from where they stand .

" This is the entrance to the underground tunnels I told you about Matthew . In the distance you see the Citadels of Talos , that is our destination . We should move quickly , Imperial Guard Flying Wings patrol this jungle area " explains Marra .




" Its good this is a joint adventure Matthew between our people's , hopefully one of many " says the Princess .


" Hope so Princess .

We have some harness and cables to get us down into these tunnels , Maru get them ready from the back of the SEATRAK " orders the Captain .



The Captain prepares to go down first .

The harness will lower him down , powered by the SEASTRAK  .


" Take care Matthew the rock on the way down is slippery from water vapour " says Marra . 


" Don't worry my Princess I'm good at doing this kind of thing " .


" You follow me down Marra ....then Grant and then Selina . Karla guard the entrance , see you down there " says the Captain as he disappears into the hole .






" Adams to Grant , nearing the bottom...everything looks good , send the Princess down now " the Captain speaks on his comlink .




The Princess puts on the second cable harness and climbs into the hole .


" Becareful my Sister " says Selina to Marra as she disappears down into the earth .


" Grant to the Captain , Princess Marra lowering down now " says Grant .





The Princess joins the Captain at the bottom of the rock face .


" Tell me Princess this red glow down here where does it come from ", asks the Captain .


" Its from the lava lakes and channels Matthew , this whole area is volcanic .

The Dragon Lords have reflectors as well to move the light further along the tunnels " , replies Marra .







Grant comes down the rock face , followed by Maru and Selina.....



" We should get moving Matthew , we have some way to go ", says the Princess .

FRAME 10 /

Moving through the tunnels underneath the cavern , the Captain and his team reach an entrance near the Dragon Lords Sub Base .


" Its good we had these extra torches sir , its getting a bit dark along these tunnels " said Grant .

" We should be good now Grant , this entrance to the base corridors are lighted , save your energy in your lamps ' replies the Princess .

FRAME 11 /




 " Thats not a bad idea , we will need some light to light the way in the tunnels when we come back this way , Selina lead us forward on alert " , says the Captain as they climb up on to the corridor floor .

FRAME 12 /






In the base corridor...the team get ready .


" Grant and Selina we will split here into two take the northern part of the Lava Barrier and place your charges there " said Captain Adams .

FRAME 13 /




" I will take Marra with me to the south side of the barrier to place the remaining charges .


Maru set up a base at the end of this corridor and wait for us with your control equipment .


Right lets get to it....we don't want to be down here longer than we need " , says the Captain as the teams make their way along the corridors of the base.......

FRAME 14 /

Grant and Selina reach the northern rock wall barrier to the Lava Lake.....

" I have not worked with a surface dweller before " , said Selina to Grant as they begin to place the explosive charges . 

" That goes for me as well I guess , but sure is good to be working with such an attractive partner on this mission " , replies Grant . Selina smiles " Are all surface men as forward talking to females as you are " , she asks . 

FRAME 15 /

" Not always , only when they like them " said Grant . He changes the conversation .

" We should place some of the charges lower down the wall barrier " .

Selina picks up some charges and climbs down the rock wall .

" I can place them Grant just point where you want them to go " , she says .

" Careful it looks very slippery Selina ".

The last charges are placed and Selina begins to climb the wall .

" I'm slipping , falling " , she cries out.......

FRAME 16 /


Quickly Grant leans over the rock face and reaches out......he grabs her arm ....pulling Selina to safety....


" I have got you Selina ...don't worry..." , says Grant .


" Thank you saved me Grant " , replied Selina  .

FRAME 17 /


Grant lifts Selina back over the wall ....


" I have not been this close to a surface dweller before " , says the young Princess .

 " You are a man of many talents ....

Grant Tyree " , says Selina .


" No problem your Highness all part of the service...we should get back to join the others"  , replies Grant .

FRAME 18 /


FRAME 19 /

The Captain and the Princess walk down a passage way along side a large Black Vimana Hanger .

" A sub base , first time I have been this close to a Black Vimana , why no guards Marra ", asks the Captain . " The Dragon Lords fear no one Matthew , they would not think themselves open to an attack down here . The barrier is just ahead that is where we can place your explosives " replies Marra .


FRAME 20 /

The Captain and the Princess Marra arrive at the southern barrier of the Lava lake and begin to place their explosive charges . 

" Will these explosives of yours Matthew be strong enough to break the rock wall " , the Princess asks.

" I think so Marra ....the Admiral said they are the smallest and most powerful mini mines we have and should get the job done " , replies the Captain .


FRAME 21 /


" One more mine to place " says the Captain .


" We should hurry Matthew ...patrols along these corridors are few , but they do happen " , Marra warns the Captain . 


" Thats the last one in place ...lets get back Princess to Maru and the others " , says the Captain .




The teams return and meet up with Maru who has set up his control desk in a rock space .

" All mines in place Maru its over to you " says the Captain . 

I have them all on live signals , everything is ready Sir " , replies Maru .

" Give us enough time to get back to the main Cavern and the SEATRAK and set everything to auto ....including the anti tamper device on your control in case it gets a visitor . Everyone back to the Cavern " , says the Captain . 

FRAME 22 /




The Lava Lake barrier explodes on to the Black Vimana Sub Base.....Captain Adams Team's mission is a success.....the rock ceiling of the cavern rains  down boulders of destruction onto the submarines below.....the major attack on Hawaii is stopped before it can begin.....

FRAME 23 /


The group makes it back to the Cavern safely following the explosion at the Lava Barrier ...


The Captain thanks the two Tyrannian Princess Sisters for their help .


" Thank you Marra and Selina for your help with the assault on the Black Vimana Base . We could not have done without you both showing the way through the tunnels down here ....our people owe you a lot " , says the Captain .

FRAME 24 /


Maru and Karla return to the SEATRAK .


Leaving the Captain and Grant to say goodbye to their new allies .


Your friend Matthew , I think he likes my sister " , says Marra .


"It sure looks that way Marra . Selina has made an impression on him , did'nt see that coming " , replies the Captain .

FRAME 25 /



" He does not waste time teaching Selina your ways Captain " , says Marra looking across at her sister and Grant taking a kiss .


" I guess with that my Princess we should also say goodbye for now " , he says turning to face Marra .

FRAME 26 /


The two of them kiss to say goobye


" Until we meet again my Princess . 

How will you return to Pathos your city in Tyrannia " , asks the Captain .


" We have an old travel tube hidden in the undergrowth feet away . It will take us to a Tyrannia Cruiser waiting for us near by , we will be safe my Captain " , replies Marra .

FRAME 27 /

The four of them move through the undergrowth . Selina uncovers the travel tube in the ground and climbs into it as Marra looks on .

" This tube , how does it work " , asks the Captain . 

" Its powered by old systems operates both ways and you float on air to your destination " , says Marra . 

" Goodbye Grant and you Captain " , says Salina as she disappears down the tube .

FRAME 28 /


The Princess Marra climbs into the tube 


" Goodbye Princess " , says the Captain .


" Hope to see you and your sister again " , says Grant .


" Farewell my love for now " , says the Princess as she disappears from view......

FRAME 29 /

The end of the tube journey the Princess Marra meets her sister ....and Grand Wizard Moka is also there awaiting Marra's return . He has been watching from a distance through a spyglass of the farewell with the Captain and Grant .

" I hope you girls have behaved yourselves when you were with these surface dwellers on this adventure . Yes give them help , but with love as well  ....your Father will be displeased I am sure of it...come we must return to our Cruiser " , says Moka .

FRAME 30 /

Back on board the Captain returns to the Bridge on the SEASTAR 5 .


" Welcome back Captain " , says Jason .

" Prepare to get underway and return to base " , says Captain Adams .

"Orders received from the Admiral Matthew , we have to meet up with the MIDAS ONE which is off Tonai . They are deploying an RSV to answer a distress call from the Science Base on the island " , says Jason . 

FRAME 31 /



The Tonai Island , the MIDAS ONE Carrier Drilling Platform has dropped anchor . 


A distress call from the Marine Science Base on the Island has been received .


An RSV has been despatched toward the shore......

FRAME 32 /



" SEASTAR 5 , Captain Adams to Star Key Base....we have received instructions now heading for Tonai Island and will assist MIDAS ONE....Captain Adams over and standing by Star Key base" .

FRAME 33 /

The RSV from the MIDAS ONE is  arriving on the beach ..." RSV to MIDAS ONE ....visual cameras now on...a lot of mist surrounding the signs of anybody so far......we are moving up the beach , weapons are ready....scanners operational...." , confirms the message from the RSV Pilot .

FRAME 34 /

FRAME 35 /  

 On board the SEASTAR 5 the message transmission is being monitored by Captain Adams...." Mist is clearing ....RSV four hundred yards from boat yard...buildings appearing through mist....still no human contact...wait a minute ....there its alert red alert...........suddenly the live link and sound went dead .

Adams to MIDAS ONE , pull yourself away from the island . Leave this to the SEASTAR 5  we are approaching you from the north west at super cav speed...should be with you in twenty minutes .


Captain Adams takes charge of the situation.....

" Battle Stations prepare both our RSV's for launching ...send up a DSR 1 we will need air support on this message to the Admiral we are going to Battle Stations and making our approach to Tonai from the north west......Jason steer a course into the bay near the Science Station.....get our weapons to ready ........looks like we have trouble....." says the Captain .




In the undersea world of the 21st Century a new mission for the SEASTAR 5 and her crew of Aquanaut Commandos is about to begin . the super submarine is at Battle Stations off the coast of Tonai Island.....


.................What has happened to the Science Station on the island .....


......The truth lies on the island somewhere....lets find it together.......


.......look out for the next adventures to come for SEASTAR 5 .







The SEASTAR 5 Series was Created and Designed by Richard Dixon .


The Series was also produced and directed by Richard Dixon

at his northern UK Base at TPD STUDIOS UK .


Richard Dixon would like to thank the following for their help with the CGI Visual Effects on SEASTAR 5 INVADERS FROM THE ABYSS.....


Connor Magill - Digital Artist - Belfast - Northern Ireland .


Lee Richardson - Digital Artist - Lancaster UK .


Alan Kent - Photographer Digital Artist - Clitheroe - Lancashire UK .


Immortal Graphix .Com - " Lemurian Sub Craft Insignia " - USA .


Lemurian Flying creature - Designed and Built by Peter Montgomery - Helensburgh , Scotland .


We would also like to thank all our friends and associates who supplied the production with painted backgrounds , model head designs , puppet custom bodies and costume designs to help bring SEASTAR 5 into existance .


SEASTAR 5 was created and made at TPD STUDIOS Lancashire UK .


Some photographic backgrounds were made on location in the north west of England , Scotland , USA , Seychelles and Mauritius .