It has been six months since Captain Matthew Adams disappeared following the SEASTAR 5 battle with a Lemurian Black Vimana Battle Cruiser North West of the Marshall Islands .



Ben Franklin , Director of Operations for MIDAS is at his desk when Admiral J P Henry arrives to discuss Captains Adams disappearance .



" Good morning Ben . I believe we have some developments over the missing Captain " , says JP Henry as he walks across the floor of the Director's Office .



" Good news I think , a signal beacon from his scuba suit has been picked up on an island around hundred miles north of here JP  " replied the Director .



The Admiral looks at an air scan of the location .

" Its little more than a sea mount above the surface of the ocean . How long has the signal been operational " asks the Admiral .



" So far around thirty minutes and its a steady signal , better get some of your team over there " orders Ben Franklin .


" I'm on it Ben , going down to the wharf , the team leave in thirty minutes ", replies JP Henry turning to leave the office .






The Admiral walks across to loading dock three . 

Paula Duvall is waiting to give him the latest reports on the signal from the island .


" The signal is constant Admiral , no sign of movement on the island " said Miss Duvall .



" Very well , its a go for the mission , prepare the Aquarius for launch " , orders the Admiral .


FRAME 11 /

The Admiral turns to face Jason McCall approaching him .


" Good morning , Admiral you wanted to see me " asks Jason .


FRAME 12 /


" I need you on a mission Commander , we have a signal from Captain Adams scuba suit and I'm sending out a team to investigate . Your in command " , says the Admiral passing over the latest information report .


FRAME 13 /

Jason McCall takes the tablet and begins to read the report .

" No sign of movement so far.....just a constant signal at sea level ". 

" I don't know what we have Jason with this , but check it out hero stuff on this just see if our boy is still out there " , says the Admiral .


FRAME 14 /

As Jason heads toward the wharf he turns to the Admiral .


" If Matthew is out there on that island , I'll bring him back Sir " says Jason .


" Good luck Commander , the Aquarius is waiting for you at the dock , Maru Nagarta and Scarlet May will be your crew . I'll monitor the mission from Star Key Base . My flight back leaves this morning ", said the Admiral .


FRAME 15 /

Dock Three....DSR 2 AQUARIOUS prepares to power up as its launch cradle is swung out from the dock .


FRAME 16 /

On board the 'Aquarious' , Jason McCall at the controls .


" This is Aquarious to MIDAS Ocean Control . Request permission to leave dock three ". 


FRAME 17 / 

Roger , Aquarious . This is MIDAS traffic ocean control are clear to leave wharf and proceed to channel...launch cradle controls switched to auto....control standing by over " .


FRAME 18 /

The Aquarious begins to move off its cradle and lowers into the water.....gradually increasing power on its engines....


FRAME 19 /

Inside the Aquarious...Jason steers the submarine through Pearl Harbour passing Navy ships on the way to the deep water channel .

" Ready to clear docks area Commander...all systems ready for dive " Maru Nagarta relays the information to his Commander .

" Dive when we are clear and into the main channel Maru " replies Jason .



" Diving now area clear , no traffic , sonar on , all systems go Commander . Passing information to MIDAS Ocean Control " , as Maru looks over his control station .



Down into the channel away from Pearl Harbour the DSR 2 Aquarious begins to turn north west ....increasing speed to forty knots.....


FRAME 22 /

Some time later the Aquarius nears the island where the signal i is coming from...." Commander , reef a head , nearing the island....signal is still active...." as Maru monitors his controls .


Roger that Maru....I'm taking her in..the reef is shallow ...prepare to surface....Scarlet , message to Star Key Base ...we are prepared for a landing going in " , Jason speaks into his helmet microphone .


FRAME 23 /

The Aquarious flies over the reef ....and begins to ascend to the surface ....


FRAME 24 /


" Approaching the shore , reduce speed ...bow wave decreasing " says Jason as he steers the submarine to the rocky shore .


FRAME 25 /

On the subs view screen a small island stands before them ...a cave directly a head......a red and yellow light .....


FRAME 26 /

" Commander the signal is coming from the cave , its not moving other sounds movement...." . 


" Okay Maru , lets go ashore , grab your weapon " replies the Commander .


FRAME 27 /


" Well it looks peaceful enough....expect the unexpected ready for anything " says Jason checking his hand scanner .


FRAME 28 /


" I have movement ...but its breaking up the signal " says the Commander as he moves the scanner to try and gain a better signal strength .


FRAME 29 /

" Commander the cave entrance ...something moving toward us " Maru reacts and raises his weapon .


FRAME 30 /

A voice from the cave ...a figure walks toward them .

" Hi Jason , Maru you can put the gun down , its me , I'm back " the voice from inside the cave.....


FRAME 31 /

Captain Matthew Adams emerges from the cave to meet his fellow crew members of the SEASTAR 5 .

" Welcome Captain , its good to see you again ", said Jason .


FRAME 32 /

" Thanks for answering the signal ....we should get back to base these waters around here are patrolled by the Lemurians and I don't want to meet them until I have the SEASTAR 5 under my feet again " Adams tells his Commander .


FRAME 33 /

" Its good to have you back Matthew....are you well enough to travel " asks Jason .

" Yes , the Princess Marra saved my life ....she is around here watching us...I'll tell you more on the way back , long story my friend " replies Captain Adams .


FRAME 34 /

" Come lets get on board then " says Jason .


" Hows the SEASTAR 5 , Maru " asks the Captain .


" She is has undergone a refit Sir , better than she was ", replies Maru as the three of them board the Aquarious .


FRAME 35 /

Not very far away in the rocks by the ocean ....a figure looks on....the Princess Marra .


" The Captain is safe now , he is with his people , our work is done now Moka " , as she turns speaking to her companion behind the rocks .


FRAME 36 /

" I hope you know what you are doing your Higness , helping a human from the surface world can only lead to trouble....can we trust him as he does not know the secret of returning to life that you have given ", speaks the Lemuria  Grand Wizard .


FRAME 37 /

" I trust him Moka , he is one of us in body now and the Dragon Lords Plan to invade his world will be stopped by him ....I know it will....and our Empire of Tyrannia will be safe thanks to his actions very soon with our help " said the Princess .


FRAME 38 /

" I hope you are right my Princess , this is a big risk you take with a human stop the Dragon Lords is not going to be easy , I hope your plan works....we should leave now your Highness and await the Captains signal " , replies Moka .


FRAME 39 /

' Right Captain with your permission we'll get back to Star Key Base....Maru all systems ready " asks Jason .


" Ready Sir ...course input all systems ready " replies Maru .


" Right lets go ....Scarlet message to Star Key Base , Captain Adams aboard and safe , Aquarious returning to base please inform the Admiral ....Aquarious over and standing by " .


FRAME 40 /

Jason McCall steers the Aquarious away from the island and begins to turn south ....heading for deeper water.....


FRAME 41 /

Out from the dark shadows ....somethig moves....reaching out towards the Aquarious.......


FRAME 42 /

" Sonar ...underwater moving contact approaching " , shouts Scarlet May at the communications centre of the sub .


FRAME 43 /

Huge tentacles reach out from a cave.....a Giant Squid !!


FRAME 44 /

The tentacles begin to wrap themselves around the Aquarious...stopping its forward motion......


FRAME 45 /

" We have stopped moving Captain " , declares Jason .

" We have got trouble Commander " , replies Captain Adams .


FRAME 46 /

The huge Giant squid begins to pull the Aquarious towards its cave....taking a firm grip on the submarine.....


FRAME 47 /

Maru speaks to the Captain " Identification Captain ....its a Giant Squid that has gripped us Sir ..and its pulling us towards rocks" .

The Captain picks up his voice com " Scarlet , prepare electrical counter measures , I want a charge sent through the outer hull ...make it now " .


FRAME 48 /

" Charge ready sequence now " said Scarlet at her station .


FRAME 49 /

A large electrical charge fires from the outer hull ....the Squid holds on to the submarine .....


FRAME 50 /

" Ready a second charge Scarlet ....let him have it " orders the Captain .


FRAME 51 /

A second charge rips into the Squid and this time the tentacles let go of the submarine.....


FRAME 52 /

The squid falls back into the cave as the submarine pulls away from the rocks and begins to restore power to its engines ....


FRAME 53 /

The Aquarious moves away ....picking up speed ....returning to its base at Star Key .


FRAME 54 /

Later the Aquarious begins making its approach to Omelek Island ....

Captain Adams calls through to the Base Control....

" Captain Adams , Aquarious , approaching Star Key ...request landing clearance over " .


FRAME 55 /

In the late afternoon sun on Omelek island ...the Lavelle Marine Lab will soon move into the evening work shift .


FRAME 56 /

Hundreds of feet down below the laboratory ....Star Key Base Central Control .

Miles Rodgers is on duty.......and receives the call fro Captain Adams .

" Welcome back Captain , we are tracking you in ....proceed to surface hanger 2 Marine Lab for submarine Aquarious to be recovered for landing ....I'll inform the Admiral your back ....Star Key Base ...standing by over ".


FRAME 57 /

" Admiral , I have the Aquarious docking at surface hanger 2 Marine lab ....they are on final approach " says Miles Rodgers into his voice com .

The reply from the Admiral " I'll come down and meet at the hanger " .


FRAME 58 /

" Talia alert surface hanger 2 crew , stand by to recover the Aquarious incoming in ten minutes " orders Miles Rodgers .


FRAME 59 /

" Star Key Base to Aquarious ....Hanger 2 is ready for you Captain , Admiral will meet you dockside , Base over and out " Miles Rodgers monitors the subs approach to the surface dock .


FRAME 60 /

" Aquarious to Hanger 2 , hundred yards out , powering down approaching lift ....we are all yours ...Adams over and out  " .


FRAME 61 /

The lifter takes over the operation to recover the Aquarious into the hanger.....lifting the sub up and out of the ocean....slowly pulling it into the hanger.....


FRAME 62 /

Captain Adams and Jason McCall walk towards Central Control and meet the Admiral on the walkway .


" Welcome back Matthew ....good job Jason....thought I would come down to meet you in " said the Admiral .


" Its good to be back Sir ", replied the Captain .


FRAME 63 /

" Ready for a debrief Captain , I'm interested in what you have to report my boy " , said the Admiral .


" I have news Sir of an assault by the Lemurians on Hawaii in a matter of days.....with the help of the Princess Marra we can stop them....I learned the details while I was recovering at her underground city ", said Captain Adams .



FRAME 64 /


' Captain looks like you have been busy down there... a plan as well....gentlemen ...we had better assemble all section heads in the conference room thirty minutes....come you can tell me more on the way Captain ".


" Jason arrange the latest sat scans for Hawaii to be sent over to the centre....its going to be a long night " .


FRAME 65 /

Hanger One....the SEASTAR 5 ....ready for its next mission....the damaged sections of the submarine repaired and new systems added ......

Morning is just a few hours away.....roll call at 6am ....another mission awaits the SEASTAR 5 ......a mission more dangerous than ever before....the clock is ticking.......