FRAME 1  /

The earth shudders.....and through a cloud of dust .....the SEATRAK SUB TERRAIN breaks through the rocky surface of the Underworld .


Grant Tyree and Myla Malone at the controls of the SEATRAK .


Grant picks up his hand comlink , " Seatrak to Seastar 5 , we have arrived in the underworld cavern . Have sighted Captain Adams and his party , moving into position to pick them up " .

" Seastar 5 received Jason McCall standing by , over ".....came the reply .


The SeaTrak moves away from the tunnel and swings around 180 degrees to face the tunnel , coming to a stop near Captain Adams .


Captain Adams turns to Stacie Lavelle .

" Here comes your miracle Stacie " says Captain Marra shouts a warning ....

" Imperial Air Wings approach my Captain . Lemuria strikes back ",  as she prepare her laser weapon for firing .


" Quick Stacie , Cain take cover behind me ....I count four Air Wings approaching over the forest...

........we have got trouble coming " says the Captain .


The leading Air Wing begins to descend toward the ground and the pilot raises his weapon .


The Lemurian Guard hovers his machine over the humans......

" Humans halt and surrender , do not resist or you die here " , orders the Lemurian Commander .

Captain Adams replies " No way tin head !" .


Seconds later the Princess Marra opens fire on the enemy craft with her laser rifle......and one Lemurian craft is sent spinning into the ground .


" Now they know we are armed .....Stacie , Cain try to move nearer the Seatrak ....Marra and myself will give you covering fire " says Captain Adams .

FRAME 10 /

Another Air Wing comes closer to the ground , but Marra is ready and a laser blast hits the side of the enemy craft .

FRAME 11 /

Marra continues shooting at the Air Wings as they circle their position .

The Captain turns to Stacie ",  hurry make your way to the SeaTrak now " .

" Marra keep shooting , my bullets don't seem to penetrate the armour on the Air Wings " says the Captain .

FRAME 12 /

Stacie and Cain head across the clearing Air Wing appears over them....Marra fires on the enemy craft just in time ......

FRAME 13 /

Over the forest the final Lemurian Imperial Guard Pilot fires his hand weapon toward the humans who are running across the clearing.....

FRAME 14 /

The Princess Marra aims her laser weapon as the final Air Wing approaches the clearing.....and opens fire on the craft........

FRAME 15 /

The guard pilot is hit .....the machine turns toward the trees .....crashing to the ground .


FRAME 16 /

The Princess walks across to the crashed machine and is followed by Captain Adams .


She calls to the Captain , " The pilot of this machine has been thrown clear " .

FRAME 17 /

The Princess pulls off the helmet of the crashed Imperial Guard .

" Captain , meet your enemy....they can be beaten , not invincible are they , this one is stunned he will recover in time " says Marra.


The Captain looks down on his fallen enemy , " First time I've seen one of them without a helmet , now I know what the enemy are truly like in appearance.....not a pretty sight .

Battle over then , lets get the hostages aboard the SeaTrak before more of these guys arrive " .

FRAME 18 /

Stacie and Cain begin to climb the ladder to the rear entrance hatch of the SeaTrak .


Stacie turns to face Captain Adams . " Thank you for saving us once again Captain " .


The Captain replies " All part of the service Miss Lavelle , please hurry up inside , we don't want to hang around here longer than we need to " .

FRAME 19 /

The Princess joins the Captain at the entrance ladder .


" Marra , come with us to the surface , we can drop you off on the beach of the island ", says the Captain  .


" Aboard your machine Matthew , will that be allowed by your people " , she replies .


Looking straight into her face , " No problem on that , I'm the Captain in charge of this machine .

Come you are my guest , its the least I could do for the help you have given us in the battle down here " .

FRAME 20 /

" SeaTrak to SEASTAR 5 , Hostages secured and aboard . We are returning to the surface of the island , all systems are go"

FRAME 21 /

The huge machine heads into the tunnel.....destination....the beach of the island .

FRAME 22 /

On board the SeaTrak , Cain settles down to relax in his seat while Stacie Lavelle looks on toward the Captain and the Princess talking in the corner of the cabin .


The Captain speaks to Marra " Once again my Princess , thank you for coming to our aid . I could not have saved the crew of the Ocean Quest without your help " .


The Princess smiles at the Captain . " Our bond together Matthew is strong , I will always be close to help you even though we come from different lands , the bond is forever . I have sent an instruction from my wrist com to my sub people will track us to the surface and meet us there " .

FRAME 23 /

The Captain holds the Princess close to him .


" So your people can track us , what about the Dragon Lords can they do the same " , he asks .


" They can and your communications can be breached , you should tell your people to be careful " , replies the Princess .

" Will I see you again soon " , asks the Captain .


" Soon my Captain , I am sure our path ways will cross again very soon , trust me " said the Princess .

FRAME 24 /

Grant turns to Myla , " Steer a course toward the beach on the west side of the island , increase twin drill speed to max and take us up at forty five degrees....soft earth detected above " .


" Okay Grant , increasing speed , angle rising should be at the surface in minutes " , replied Myla .

FRAME 25 /

The SeaTrak nears the island surface . Captain Adams comes forward on the bridge .


" Take us on to the beach Grant , we will drop the Princess close to the waters edge " , says the Captain  .


" Right Captain , breaking through now to tree line....beach ahead ....applying brakes " , replies Grant . 

FRAME 25 A  /

The SeaTrak comes through the trees onto the island's beach and moves toward to the oceans edge on the sand .

FRAME 26 /

Grant climbs down the entrance hatch ladder and is followed by the Captain .

The Princess Marra follows them on to the beach .

" Over there coming out of the surf , its a submarine " , calls out the SeaTrak Commander  .


" Stand down Grant , the sub belongs to the Princess " , orders the Captain .


" My people come....its a Tyrannian Ocean Cruiser , it will take me to Pathos , my home " ,  says the Princess to the two men who are looking impressed at the sleek sub craft which slowly emerges on to the beach .

FRAME 27 /

The Tyrannian Ocean Cruiser begins to turn as it moves slowly forward up the beach ........

FRAME 28 /

The craft begins to power down its engines.....the front of the craft begins to raise itself up as a large door and entrance ramp begins to appear at the front of the machine ......

FRAME 29 /

The Captain walks Marra to her craft as a figure appears on the ramp .

Marra turns to Captain Adams ....

" My sister Celina is the pilot of this craft .

She awaits me on the ramp . Celina is a be discreet in saying goodbye with your custom of Captain....for now it is farewell ", she says holding his hand .

FRAME 30 /

The Captain picks up the Princess and places her on the ramp .


" Thank you Matthew " she says as her sister looks on .


" All part of the service your highness " replies the Captain .

FRAME 31 /

The conversation between the two of them is stopped by the arrival of Moka , Grand Wizard of Lemuria as he joins them at the bottom of the ramp .


" Capatain Adams , its good day to you again has not been long since our paths crossed " , says Moka .

FRAME 32 /

" Hello again little man , always on hand to protect your Princess you are never far away " , says the Captain .


Moka chooses his words carefully as he replies ," It is my duty Capatain , the news of the rescue of your hostages is good for your people , but I think you have awakened the Dragon Lords of Lemuria ....they don't like being beaten by human kind....I warn you ....a storm is coming from them be warned our friend , they will take revenge at some point " .


The Princess and Moka walk up the ramp together .

FRAME 33 /

The ramp begins to retract into the sub as Captain Adams waves a farewell .


" Thanks for the warning Moka . Until we meet again Princess " .


The Captain turns and walks back to the SeaTrak .

FRAME 34 /

Back at the entrance ladder of the SeaTrak , Grant has been watching the farewell and turns to watch the sub craft of the Princess turn into the surf .


" Do these women from beneath the sea all look beautiful like this Sir ",  he asks .


" Well I have only seen two of them so far Grant  , some are like us and I believe others are not " , replies the Captain .

" You seem to get on well with the Princess Sir " , asks Grant .

" Yes I do , don't I " , replied his Captain .


FRAME 35 /

The motor units of the Tyrannian craft spin into life as it swings out across the surf heading for deeper water .

FRAME 36 /

Grant turns to the Captain . " Will we see them again Captain " .


" Probably Grant  , are paths are destined to cross again , I certainly feel they will at some point . Lets get the SeaTrak back to the SEASTAR 5 " , says the Captain as they climb the ladder into the hatch .

FRAME 37 /

Back on board the SeaTrak , Stacie Lavelle approaches Captain Adams .


" I was watching on the monitor Captain , you seem to be very friendly with these strangers from beneath the sea especially with the Princess " .


Captain Adams looks at her directly , " You might be right Stacie , but the mission to rescue you is the priority at the moment , so lets get the job done and keep things that way at the moment shall we " .

He turns away and heads toward the bridge of the SeaTrak .

FRAME 38 /

" SeaTrak approaching SEASTAR 5 , requesting pod to be lowered - engage recovery mode one " .

Grant switches on the auto recovery system as the SeaTrak moves toward the huge submarine carrier .

FRAME 39 /

The SEASTAR 5 raises itself off the ocean floor and lowers the Pod recovery system to take the Seatrak on board after its mission to the island .

FRAME 40 /

On the bridge , Captain Adams returns .


" Welcome back Captain " , says Jason Mccall .


" Thanks Jason , good to be back , the mission went well , hostages are in Medical being checked over.....lets get the sub going ....we have one more thing to do before we leave here " .


He turns to his Executive Officer  " Tia prepare to target the underwater entrance on the island , it needs to be sealed " , orders the Captain . 

FRAME 41 /

Tia Anderson confirms with the Captain .

" SEASTAR 5 coming about Sir , targeting at 2000 yards , weapons hot and on-line power charge ready " says the XO .

Captain Adams looks over the controls .

" Mia , are you ready at weapons control " , he asks on his voice com .

FRAME 42 /

Mia steers her targeting control on to the underground tunnel entrance . the helmsman brings the SEASTAR 5 into position .

" SEASTAR 5 in position . Pulse laser one and two ready Captain " , confirms Mia Zensaki , the fire control officer of the SEASTAR 5 .

FRAME 43 /

" You have my authority Mia weapons , light up the target ! ",  orders the Captain .

FRAME 44 /

Pulse laser cannons fire from the SEASTAR 5 toward the undersea entrance on the Island of Mona Tai .......

FRAME 45 /

Two direct hits on the tunnel .....the rock walls collapse......the entrance is sealed .

FRAME 46 /

Captain Adams speaks to the crew .


" Captain to crew  , well done , tunnel entrance sealed , mission completed , lets go home .....helm set a course for Star Key Base " .

FRAME 47 /

Some hours later at Hanger One Star Key base , Goliath Transporter 4 starts its engines and moves out toward the ocean door .

The SEASTAR 5  is approaching the base in the Eniwetak Channel .......The Base goes on Submarine Recovery Alert .......

FRAME 48 /

Admiral Henry is in the central control room at Star Key base with Commander Miles Rogers .

The Commander turns to face the Admiral .


" Recovery of the SEASTAR 5 is underway Admiral , Goliath 4 is waiting for her at the ocean door entrance , base is on alert Sir " .


" Very Good Commander , I'll be in launch Control Centre Hanger One , please pass the message to Pierre Lavelle to meet me down there....tell him his daughter has come home " .


" Yes Sir , I will do it straight away " , said the Commander .

FRAME 49 /

At the Launch Centre in Hanger One .

Stacie Lavelle is the first along the connection tube from the SEASTAR 5 , followed by Captain Adams .

FRAME 50 /

Her father Pierre Lavelle and Admiral Henry are waiting at the airlock doorway as Stacie Lavelle comes into view .

" She looks well J P " says Pierre Lavelle to the Admiral .

"Yes she does my old friend " , replied the Admiral .

FRAME 51 /

Pierre Lavelle welcomes his daughter ...." My daughter , I'm so glad you are safe . Come you must tell me all about your ordeal " .

" It was not so bad Father , Captain Adams looked after me and Cain very well ", his daughter replied as the Captain walks across toward the Admiral .

FRAME 52 /

" Well done Captain , a good result , successful mission , your first in the SEASTAR 5 . Come I want to hear all about it , your close encounters with the undersea residents is growing in number by the day ! " said the Admiral to his new Captain .

FRAME 53 /

The next morning Captain Adams is on the observation platform in Hanger One .

The SEASTAR 5 is being serviced and checked over by the base engineers ready for its next mission .

FRAME 54 /

He hears foot steps behind him on the metal floor way and turns to face Karena Belvoir , MIDAS Security Agent approaching him .

Karena is the first to speak .

" Good morning Captain , I see you have safely returned from your first mission " .

FRAME 55 /

" Yes Karena , the mission went well , but thrown in at the deep end was an experience .

At least I got the hostages back and the sub survived the mission.

I was going over to engineering to see when the sub would be ready to go out again , do you want to come with me and I'll show you around " , said the Captain .

FRAME 56 /

" We will have to wait Matthew for that tour , the Admiral is sending me to MIDAS Hawaii within the hour , I have a security mission to do there " , said Karena .

FRAME 57 /

She turns to walk to the lift .


" We will catch up when I get back Matthew " .

" I'll see you in a few weeks and then you can give me the grand tour of your sub " she says .


" I'll look forward to that , see you then Karena , take care " replies the Captain .

FRAME 58 /

Over in the Enginering Lab at Star Key base , Pierre Lavelle is talking with Admiral J P Henry .


" What have you got for me Pierre , your call sounded urgent , I came over quickly " , said the Admiral .


" Problems J P in a lot of areas on the SEASTAR 5 " .


" Mostly minor issues with equipment not lasting very long in use ".


"We have four XFC Power Cells on burn out and Element 115 levels depleted a lot quicker then we thought ".

" We have replacements being fitted this morning " .


" However , I got you over JP , because we have two turbo pump generators fail on number two engine and the control block has gone as well , its serious should have lasted longer , but then luckily second unit back ups kicked in to enable the sub to get home " .

" We need replacements before the sub goes out again .

Can I have them sent from our Lab in Hawaii  Admiral " .

FRAME 59 /

The Admiral replies " Of course , I'll sort it straight away " .

The Admiral picks up his com link and speaks to Captain Adams .


" Captain I need you to come over to the Engineering Lab , I have an urgent assignment for you that your experience will come in handy for .....make it quick Captain " .


Captain Adams joins Admiral Henry and Pierre Lavelle in the Engineering Lab at Star Key Base .


" Matthew we have some equipment issues on the SEASTAR 5 for which we need new parts .

I need you to take charge of the delivery team , you are going out to the Lavelle Lab in Hawaii and bring them here under tight security .

My boy , their are forces out there who may want to stop us getting the new parts for your sub .

I'm making it your job to see that does not happen .

Your combat training may be useful on this assignment .

Matthew , you have thirty minutes to get to the heliport , a transport is taking off  and you will be on it .

All the details will be sent by Secure Channel One when you are airborne . Go to it Captain " .


" One more thing Captain , Karena Belvoir will be joining you on the flight . She is supposed to be going on a MIDAS mission to Hawaii , I have changed her orders . She will join you on the mission to bring the new equipment back here....she will be under your command and a useful asset if you hit trouble on the way back " .


" I understand Sir , trust me I'll get the parts back safely  ", replied the Captain .

FRAME 61 /

Captain Adams heads over to the lift to the Lavelle Marine Lab on the surface of Omelek Island .

Karena Belvoir has called the lift and is awaiting its arrival .


" Hi Karena , seeing you twice in one day , I'm heading up top side as well ", says the Captain .

FRAME 62 /

Karena turns to face the Captain .


" Matthew , how nice you have come to see me off from the heliport " , says Karena .


"  Not only that Karena , I'm on the flight as well . Admiral Henry's orders " , replies Captain Adams .

FRAME 63 /

The lift arrives at the walk way platform .

Karena smiles at Captain Adams .

" It will be good to have you for company on the flight to Hawaii , Matthew " .


" Yes it will , in fact your orders are being changed with MIDAS by the Admiral , you are now under my command on an assignment to escort the new equipment back to Pearl for the SEASTAR 5 , we should work well together ", says the Captain .


" Under you Captain , that should be interesting " replied Karena as they make their way into the lift .

FRAME 64 /

Many miles south west of Star Key Base in the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean , off the coastline of Central America .

A Black Vimana sub craft speeds silently along on a secret mission...........

FRAME 65 /

At the controls of the Black Vimana a Lemurian Imperial Sub Craft Commander .

" Black Poseidan to TALOS Base , approaching west coast of the Americas , I prepare to surface , controls ready to complete the order from the Council of Nine " .

FRAME 66 /

The Black Vimana makes its way to the surface of the ocean......and begins to take up its position off the coastline is early morning the sun is slowly appearing over the hills from the east.......

FRAME 67 /








FRAME 68 /











Richard Dixon would like to thank the following for their help in the creation of this episode .


Connor Magill Northern Ireland , Digital Laser Effects / Insignia Design / Explosion VFX Effects .


Lee Richardson , Lancaster UK  - Digital VFX Laser Effects for the ' Dungeon Scene  ' .


Alan Kent , Clitheroe , Lancashire UK - SEATRAK Smoke VFX Effects .


Immortalgraphix .com - USA ......Lemurian Undersea Craft - Insignia Graphics Design .





THIS EPISODE ....Designed and Created by RICHARD DIXON .




SOME SEQUENCES WERE CREATED ON LOCATION AT CLEVELEYS - LANCASHIRE - "the location for Star Wars TV Series  ANDOR beach images".....